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We sell the most comprehensive for mortgage refinancing leads. Our leads convert at a market-best rate.

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Why Lead Shaman?

At Lead Shaman, it is our prime goal to ensure you are provided with all the prospect information required to close your next mortgage refinancing deal. From initial contact, through the sales process, and through to close, we have all that you need.



– Our U65 mortgage refinancing leads convert at an amazingly high rate



– We offer flexible and affordable mortgage financing lead plans


Scrubbed Data

– The leads are scrubbed for accuracy to give you a competitive edge

We are Trusted by Insurance Agents Worldwide

In no time, we have become one of the most trusted lead generators in the United States. Thanks to the conveniences our lead generation process offers to every client.
Top-Notch Customer Service
Whenever you have any questions, you can always reach out to one of our representatives and you will have a definite answer to your query within 24 hours.
No Reselling
Once your lead is always your lead. We strictly follow the policy of exclusivity, and this is one of the reasons why we’re trusted by insurance agents, brokers, and carriers worldwide.
Secure Payment Options
You can pay for the leads by filling out a secure online form. No need for mailing in checks or faxing in orders. Our seamless payment process is easier than what you expect from others.
Insurance Expertise
Unlike others in the market, we have prior experience and sound knowledge of the insurance market. We, therefore, have a competitive advantage in generating final expense leads.
Deal Flexibility
While working with Lead Shaman, you are not bound to any contracts, cancellation fees, or long-term bindings. You can buy whatever type of lead, whenever you want to. We’re always ready to work with you.
Complete Transparency
We are extremely concerned about the satisfaction of our clients and therefore, we have kept a transparent pricing policy that ensures that you pay what you see. Absolutely 0 hidden charges.